Sunday, 20 September 2015

This Is How I Roll! ...

Good afternoon lovely friends...

Just a quick, 'none card' related post from me to day...

Firstly, I want to say sorry for not being around much this week.

We have had a big and busy week chez Hastead having waved both our boys off to University.

To be frank it has been a bit frantic and more than a touch emotional!

Ian, our eldest is starting year 2 at Birmingham studying Classics and English Literature.

Als our youngest has left home for the first time (sniff, pass the tissues)!

He has gone to Bristol to the British and Irish Insitute of Modern Music to study Music Production and Management.

Very proud Mum and Dad this end.

Our nest is now officially empty!

Feels odd!

Don't know whether to laugh or cry so I will probably just do both at the same time!
Anyway, you are all still in my thoughts, I just have n't quite got around all your lovely blogs, I will try and catch up.

In the meantime, her are few sneaky pictures of the room I use as my craft room, which is really the dining room but we have two other rooms with a dining table in (the kitchen and the  conservatory), so finding somewhere to eat here is n't a problem!

Lovely hubby and boys were very happy to lose the dining room when I retired in 2012.

Hope you like it, it is still a bit of a work in progress, and I know is probably bit 'functional' but I'm not good with clutter (that'll be the Virgo in me)!
Spot the hanger with the wonderful cards I have received from lovely crafting friends - they are a real inspiration!

Thank goodness for Ikea!

Happy Sunday everyone and Happy Crafting

love from


Gibmiss said...

Lovely craft room Sue... Look at all your Copics... Do you need that many... What colours do you use for a Teddy Bear? I can never find the right Browns...
Two handsome Bots...
Hugs Sylvie x

Michelle said...

I've still got a while before I have an empty nest as my lad is just 9, but I am dreading the day already! I hope you get used to the quiet soon (you will have less washing to do lol). I love your crafting area - it is all lovely ((hugs)) Michelle x

Lucy Woods said...

Aww good luck to your lads!! How fab! And emotional of course!
Love your workspace! So organised! Wow you do have lots of pens hehe! Fab storage for them too! Wish I had room for something like that! As I'm stuck in Bed unable to move to get anything I have bags all over the floor around me with my stuff in lol!
Ooh lucky you to have some pretty cards from crafters too!
Lucy xx

Rainey's Craft Room said...

You should be so proud of your two beautiful young men Sue and I'm sure you will soon get used to the empty house and as Michelle said, there's a plus side - not so much washing and ironing :)
A lovely craft space and very neat and tidy too, love it.

Karen Oliver said...

I am sure they will both do wonderfully, they look like good lads. I love your space Sue, especially your lovely big table, everything is so clean and tidy and organised, typically too. Can't bear an untidy workspace.

crafty-stamper said...

Good luck to both your sons ,I remember the empty nest feeling ,we now have a full nest again son came back but now moved out,daughters marriage broke down and she came back home(with a dog)then sons relationship broke down and he came back(with dog) and grandaughters (6&8)who we now have living with us all week plus our two cats,snake and grandaughters have just got a rabbit each---nest well and truly FULL lol -love your craft space-so tidy and organised
Carol x

Annette said...

Lovely pic of your handsome boys and I like your craft space. I think I spy one of my cards on your wall too!!! The sewing machine on the windowsill is lovely too, as is your array of Copics - jealous! I just have an old bureau desk in the corner of our kitchen/diner which is nice as I can 'close the fold down door' to hide my mess, but I have to keep it fairly tidy as we have nowhere else to eat. Thankfully hubby has his laptop out most of the time too, so it's fairly even on the mess front! :0)

Kat W said...

Your crafting space looks fab with all that light coming in from the window and everything so neatly arranged and at your fingertips...with the trusty Copics front and centre!
I guess you might find yourself at this table more now your boys have flown the nest...and then you might find the craft stash!

Big hugs, Kat xx

Christine L said...

Fabbie pics Sue - particularly of your handsome sons!! Did they give you a backward wave as they went off?? Hope so!!

And oooh wow to your tidy craft room!! I'm praying Faye doesn't want to see mine when she's here... I am a Leo and work best in chaos!! LOL

Christine x

Faye Wynn-Jones said...

I really like this post Sue. It's so nice to see 'you'. What a gorgeous photo of your family and now I can picture where you make your Copics 'steam' xxx

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